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Trail The World

Since 2018, we have created our travel and events agency. A story of passionate people serving passionate people.

Trail The World is not a traditional travel and events agency. It’s first and foremost a team of trail and travel enthusiasts whose mission is to enable each and every person to run the trail of their dreams, in France or abroad.

The idea

It was in 2014, while trying to register for a trail in the Canary Islands, that Frédéric Morand came up with the idea for Trail The World with a friend, John. For hours, he tried to find information on the race’s website, to no avail.
Because of the language barrier and the poor design of the website, there are still major uncertainties. What are the different arrival and departure points? How will bib numbers be issued? And what about shuttles, accommodation and the island’s must-see tourist sites? All these questions remained unanswered, which is problematic for a long and particularly difficult race.
Following this experience, and driven by his desire to share and meet new people, Frédéric came up with a solution: an agency that would help trail enthusiasts travel and run without having to get lost in the maze of organization, by offering them “all-inclusive” trips. This project has become the ultra traileur’s “ultra motivation”.

The meeting between Fred and Maud

In 2017, the meeting with Maud was decisive, and enabled the project to take shape. In addition to its sporting dimension, it took on a human dimension.
The idea was to accompany groups of 10 to 12 people from different horizons, cultures and professional backgrounds, but who shared the same passion for running and travel.Maud and Frédéric also wanted to take the groups to meet local populations and discover their way of life, by immersing the runners in the heart of the country they were visiting. And so, in 2018, the Trail The World travel agency was born.

The passionate co-founders

Maud and Frédéric are two seasoned trail runners with a passion for travel and adventure.Frédéric has been a sports coach specializing in trail running for 10 years.He specializes in very long distances.

He has tackled some of the world’s toughest races, such as the Hardrock 100, a 160-kilometer race in Colorado, the Tor des Géants, a 350-kilometer race held every year in the Aosta Valley, and the Transgrancanaria, a 128-kilometer trek on the island of Gran Canaria.He has also successfully tackled the 6,100-meter ascent of the CCC (Courmayeur-Champex Chamonix), and the almost 10,000-meter ascent of the Diagonale des fous on Reunion Island, one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons.

Maud has been trail running since 2014. She studied at business school, and worked in an IT services company, where she was in charge of Sales and Marketing Development.
For two years, she traveled the five continents alone with her backpack, taking part in around twenty races to meet other female runners. Maud has solid experience as a runner abroad, and knows the terrain and issues involved in organizing trips.

Since 2019, Maud and Frédéric have created unique events in France, such as the 24h vertical Challenge, the UTMV and the Infinity Trail circuit.

The team has grown and people have joined Trail The World